Mary and Sean’s Wedding 2022

The Tokeland Hotel is an eccentric work of art with taxidermied wildcats and bears, yak pelts on antique leather sofas and persian carpets under crystal chandeliers. Chickens and peacocks wander the property beside… Continue reading


Wolfgang brought an off the grid island house to our marriage 10 years ago and I have been photographing our days there for about as long. This project is an attempt to contain… Continue reading

Oaxaca and Houston January 2020

  Outside the breakfast room at Casa Colonial, palm trees and vines curve against the garden wall which is dusky purple, the color of lilacs. There are birds asleep in fabric covered cages… Continue reading

Greece : Koroni and around the Peleponnese

Koroni Red tile roofs frame the deep blue of the harbor. Over the hilltop, when the sun moves high enough in the sky, the walls surround us with radiant white light. An old… Continue reading

Portugal and Barcelona

Barcelona Our first morning in Barcelona. We wander the still silent streets at 6 am and suddenly, we’re at the train station, completely empty except for one man asleep on a bench. The… Continue reading

Bonaire and Miami

Beginning in Miami   South Beach is its most beautiful at 6 am. Along ocean drive, the sun slants across the facades of the old hotels and palm frond shadows flicker in and… Continue reading

Greece 2018

We arrive in Athens at 1 am, bleary eyed after a 2 hour delay on the tarmac. has mistakenly sent 2 cab drivers for us. We are chastised by the one we… Continue reading

Germany; Munich and Berlin 2018

Munich In the familiar haze of jet lag, these first days. At the restaurant, red check tablecloths and the reassuring presence of Germans with oversize mugs of beer and plates of meat and… Continue reading

Japan spring 2018: Tokyo, Osaka and Kanazawa

Tokyo We go to Ueno Station to pick up our rail pass and it’s sunny and warm, we’re still foggy from jet lag so we merge into the crowd at the street market… Continue reading

New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks. The trail winds through fields of juniper and sagebrush, we break off pieces and rub them between our fingers and the smell fills the high… Continue reading